Saturday, April 25, 2009

The next step....

Finally....I'm back with a new post. Sorry for the extended break, but between life, family, dead hard drives and many other things, bloggin took a back seat for alittle while.

This blog is kinda the unofficial kickoff for the band that I am in apart from AMRBC. We are a group of guys that want nothing more than to glorify and honor the Lord with the talents he has given us. We are Amateur Sketch, and we would love to have the opportunity to lead worship anywhere and anytime the Lord gives us the chance. We spent one day ina local studio recording 2 original songs, and we are praying for the Lord to inspire us with more new songs that are of the same caliber as the ones we just recorded.

The one I am going to try and post a link here to is a song that we wrote about a young girl that our drummer, Lance, met in his church. Lance told us a story of how they had kinda struck up a freindship, and she started to open up to him about things in her life that she needed help dealing with. Mostly, the death of her Father 2 years earlier by suicide. Lance told us how he could feel this girl reaching out for something to fill the void in her life left by the loss of her dad. The only thing that can ever fill such a void is the love of Jesus. That is what we wrote this song about. My favorite line in the song goes like this:

"Follow me, you'll understand,
I love you more than you could know."

Those words speak to so many situations in my own life. Just to know that all I really need to understand is that God's love is so much more than I could ever know, that is a comforting thing to have in my heart in todays world. With so much bad news in the air everyday, and everytime you turn on the TV or the radio you hear of another terrible moment in history. I know that no matter what I may endure, his grace is more than enough....more than enough to get me through. I pray this song speaks to you as I hope it does to the girl who was the inspiration for this song. From the lyrics, to the music, this song was given to us by the Holy was inspired by the one in whom's Grace I can hide when the world is not enough. I hide in His Grace daily, and will never truly know the price he paid for that Grace.